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Life On Purpose with Erica Layne

Oct 27, 2020

Most people talk about boundaries as something you set and then expect other people to honor. But this puts the power in someone else’s hands, and I believe it belongs in yours! Here’s how to set boundaries that YOU can honor.
Additional Segments:
  • Permission to: A segment where I give you full permission to be who you really are. Today, permission to MESS UP.
  • Try-on session: Today’s thought, for you “try on," will help you drop your resentment for doing more than your share of housework.
  • The Authenticity Calendar: My page-a-day calendar of inspiring quotes & affirmations. On sale until stock runs out!
  • Do YOU struggle with resentment over the amount of work you do at home? Visit me on Instagram to discuss! @thelifeonpurposemovement
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