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Life On Purpose with Erica Layne

Nov 24, 2020

<p>Does gift-shopping ever lead to you buying things for YOURSELF instead of others? (Oops!) Or just buying too much in general? The pull of sales and consumerism is strong this time of year, but I’ve got 4 crucial tips to help you stick to your list and keep yourself from overbuying. Less is more!</p



Nov 18, 2020

<p>Today we’re mixing things up with a Q&A episode! I answer your questions on how to destress when you can’t find a way that works, how to get kids to accept having fewer toys, how much sleep I get, how much screen time my kids use—and more!</p>


Nov 10, 2020

<p>When you picture a perfectionist, you may not think of yourself. But perfectionism takes many forms, and you might be falling into it more than you realize. This episode will help you recognize it—and release it. (Because... constantly striving for excellence is exhausting!)</p>
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    Nov 3, 2020

    If there’s one time we’ve ever needed a peaceful holiday season, 2020 might just be it! Today I’m sharing 5 actionable steps you can take—starting today—to cut your typical holiday stress by half. Let’s go into Christmas with more CALM—and less chaos—in our heads and hearts.